Notify Customer (with its data)

Provide Quick Utility Outage Notifications

Boost customer satisfaction with automated outage Messages.

The Challenge:

Improve Customer Satisfaction by Providing Immediate Notifications

Efficiently keep customers up to date.

Increase customer satisfaction with relevant updates as the outage situation progresses.

The Solution:

Make the Outage Notification Process Faster and More Efficient.

Using Intractive SMS, information is sent out to each customer to keep them updated.

The Steps to Success:

Step 1: Collect Number of Customers.

First you need data of your customer with detail in Excel Format.
You can get from its Your Software or CRM.

1Kethi4600015 June
2Mike220001 July
3Jordan320001 August

Step 2: Seamlessly organize customer with personal profile

Now, Generate Message with its data.

Hi |Name|, Your Payment |Payment| rupees is due on |DueDate|, Please Make Payment.

Step 3: Keep customers updated with a single click

Keep customers updated with a single click

Now, Select Mobile Number Column and send it to your customer.

These messages keep customers up to date and satisfied while your technicians work to restore power.